Advertising on UrbanDB

UrbanDB has a over 300,000 page views per month from 50,000 individuals located in the GTA who are either in the real-estate business or interested in purchasing, selling, or leasing real-estate within the Greater Toronto Area. Our 50,000 visitors are interested in real-estate within the GTA and wish to know about your product and services.

The audience includes home owners, renters, brokers, sales persons, developers, contractors, architects, engineers, suppliers, financial processionals, landscape contractors, and marketing processionals.

Following are ways that you can reach our audience:

Google AdWords

Advertisers may place their text or image ads on this site or on specific pages or groups of pages on this site by participating in Google's Ad Placement Targeting program.

Advertisers may choose either pay-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-page-view (CPM) pricing for their ad campaigns in the Placement Targeting program. CPC advertisers pay a set price each time a visitor clicks on their ad and CPM ads are priced per 1000 impressions of the advertisement.

Placement Targeting advertisers specify the price they wish to pay for ads, daily maximums and other details ad they do with other Google ads.

To create a placement-targeted ad campaign with UrbanDB, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in or create your Google AdWords account: .
  2. On the Campaign Summary page, find the table titled "Online Campaigns."
  3. At the top of the table, in the "Create a new campaign" section, click on "Placement-targeted".
  4. Follow the sign-up wizard instructions to create your campaign.
  5. When asked to "Identify Placements", choose "List URLS" and insert the "" domainname. Click Get Available Placements" to select specific sub-categories within UrbanDB.